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My background

I exist in the relationship of the context between the Gospel and the Revelation of my Father Jesus the Savior. 

Because of the unknown factors surrounding my discovery of the truth in this saying; to wit; "...for where I am; there shall my servant be also.." I was given the task to restore with my servant John all Christians in the Last Days and indeed all men of Faith in this Last Day now arrived like a Thief in the Night. 

In revealing the identity of Sun Myung Moon who my Father Jesus called "the faithful and Wise Steward/servant" in Matthew and Luke, it is now seen by his current fall in that he also is called "that evil servant" in Matthew as well. 

This is due to his failure to heed my warnings of his stumblings in the spirit about the Holy Spirit; whom he typifies as "a female spirit"; but in reality this false entity of a Counterfeit Holy Spirit is none other than MYSTERY the White Goddess.... who is ISIS;  the Creatrix herself. To "marry" my Father Jesus to ISIS is to fall before the queen of Egypt; for the Holy Spirit is a male spirit; and thus Rev. Moon has fallen at that Great City which is "Sodom and Egypt", for the Tail of the Dragon is Sodom, and that Dragon represents Egypt; the Kingdom of Darkness... 

My faith

 Welcome to the homepage of the New Unification Church, a movement that strives to hasten the Day through justice, peace, and holiness. 

We are adamant about the ministry of reconciliation, a mantle inherited from Christ Jesus himself. Here you can find the mission of Christopher Witt Diamant, warmly known by many as Salvation Rose, whose spirituality and theology online is well documented as well as other resources that promote a higher consciousness. 

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